Gerry McGlamery Photography specializes in landscape, nature, infrastructure, and aviation photography. I have particular focus on fall foliage, Washington County, Texas, and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

I picked up my first SLR in graduate school when I needed to use photography in my dissertation research. That first camera was an Olympus OM-1. I learned the basics of exposure with the Olympus since the only special capability it had was a through-the-lens exposure meter.

When I graduated and had a little money, I bought a Pentax SF-1 for myself. I was pretty naive when I first started using the camera and shot a lot of print film. Fortunately, a friend introduced me to the beauty of Fujichrome Velvia, and I became hooked on positive film. Scans of several images taken with that camera are available on this site.

With the advent of digital SLRs, I made the switch to Nikon in 2005, and I've been a Nikon shooter since. I started with a D70, moved on to a D300s, and recently moved up to a D810 for landscapes and a D500 for action.

My first love in photography is landscapes and my second love is aviation. As a father, I've also become much better at sports and performance photography, though I don't publish work in those areas.