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Washington County is the cradle of Texas Independence. Every spring, around late March and early April, the rolling countryside is filled with wildflowers, making it one of Texas' more popular destinations at that time, especially for Houstonians. Each year is different, as landowners choose to sow seed or not in the fall and fall rains provide enough moisture or not.
The Log House at Old Baylor Park (2010)Independence CemeteryBluebonnet TrailOld Baylor Park (2019)Big Sky Over BluebonnetsOld Baylor Park (2005)Old Baylor at NightSunset and WildlfowersDouble Rainbow over FM 390Old Baylor Park (2014)Old Baylor Park (2008)Sam Houston SpringhouseButterweed on New Year CreekBlanton BlockFlowers and Fence LinePasture on Asa Hoxie RoadButterweed ExpanseFour Live OaksTexas PaintbrushSam Houston Home Site